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The Index Cooperative develops structured products that provide passive crypto exposure for institutions

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Why Index Coop products?


Traded on KuCoin, decentralized exchanges, and available via digital asset OTC service providers.


Tokenized strategies that are tradeable as ERC-20 tokens.


Underlying smart contracts audited by OpenZeppelin and ABDK Consulting in September 2020.


Tokens can be created by or redeemed for underlying digital assets.


Composability within DeFi allows tokens to interact with DeFi lending, staking, and pairing.


Token holders benefit from methodologist rebalancing without incurring transaction costs.

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Index Coop Products for Institutions

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See how Index Coop products can help

Metaverse Index

Designed to capture the trend of entertainment, sports and business shifting to take place in virtual environments.

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DeFi Pulse Index

A capitalization-weighted index that tracks the performance of decentralized financial assets across the market.

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FLI Series

Lets you leverage a collateralized debt position in a safe and efficient way, by abstracting its management into a simple index.

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